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Arrow: Stephen Amell filming a stunt scene in Gastown


Stephen Amell was in Gastown, Downtown Vancouver yesterday filming a stunt scene of him coming down from the top of a building, landing on a truck and then jumping off that truck onto another one.

He then proceeded to jump over some crates on that truck, straight across a busy street avoiding traffic and over the back of a taxi cab down an alley way.
It was all pretty dramatic to watch.

Willa Holland

Arrow: Willa Holland and Colton Haynes


Arrow were filming scenes with Willa Holland (Thea Queen) and Colton Haynes (Roy Harper) on Wednesday underneath a bridge at the 1400 Block of Granville.

Things have certainly moved on from when Roy stole Thea’s handbag on a previous shoot. He actually saves Thea from getting stabbed in this episode, which is episode sixteen, “Dead to rights”. In the process he gets stabbed himself.

Jamie Dornan & Lana Parrilla

Once Upon a Time: The chase scene


Early this morning, Jamie Dornan and Lana Parrilla’s stunt doubles filmed a high speed chase down Moncton Street. I was lucky enough to get to see it happen.

Here’s a video of the scene from being shot. I have more and will upload them tomorrow.