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Episode eight of the Killing aired last night and we got to learn a lot about Pastor Mike after he decided to kidnap Linden.

At the end of episode seven we saw Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) get into her car only to find out that Pastor Mike (Ben Cotton) had snuck into the back. Moments later he has a knife to her throat.

“Try” opens pretty much where episode seven left off with us not knowing what the Pastor’s intentions are. But during the course of the episode, which pretty much revolves around the pair of them, we find out that the Pastor didn’t commit the crime of kidnapping a young girl in Tempe, Arizona. He was trying to help her detox. But, she got away and lied to everyone about being held against her will.

We also learn that the Pastor was the one who dropped Angie (Laine MacNeil) off at the vets’ office and paying him $800 to treat her. This is when the Pastor spots her police radio, which has been transmitting the whole time allowing Holder and the task force to listen in. This is how they find out where Linder and the Pastor are heading. Linden gives out the location and Holder recognizes it as a place he once went when he was low, Baltimore Pier.

Throughout this episode I didn’t think the Pastor was going to kill Linden, but rather wanted to get his story out. I think he just wanted someone to listen to him. But, when we see him and Linden on the pier and he doesn’t take his hands out of his pockets, I thought he was going to do something to himself or Linden.

Holder calls Linden by her first name, Sarah in this scene too. Which I found touching. To me, it showed that he cares deeply for Linden. Many people thought that the Pastor was the one whodunnit, and I was one of those people. But now my attention has turned to Becker.

It seems that Ray Seward (Peter Sarsgaard) isn’t as tough as we thought he was. He’s desperately trying to get his lawyer to talk to Linden, but the lawyer doesn’t seem interested in helping him. He has a panic attack and in a moment of compassion, Becker (Hugh Dillon) helps him out.

I’m 100% certain that he is innocent of the crime he is meant to have committed, killing his wife. He has two days left until his execution and he reaches out to Linden directly for help. He tells her that he’ll make sure she gets to talk to Adrian (Rowan Longworth).

Becker’s wife and child turn up at the prison and reveal that he doesn’t come home for days on end. Is this a clue for us or a red herring? Could the killer actually be Joe Mills (Ryan Robbins) or someone we haven’t seen yet? I think it’s a bit late in the game to introduce a new element, but you never know.

Bullet (Bex Taylor-Klaus) isn’t ignored in this episode either. Her relationship with Holder becomes strained after she gives him some false information, which is the cause of the whole Linden kidnapping scenario. He’s not happy at all with her. She finds out who the killer is, but can’t get hold of Holder to tell him.

I found it strange that she didn’t leave the killer’s name on the voicemail that she left for him, but that wouldn’t be good television now would it.

Here’s a preview of next weeks episode:

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