The Mysterious Dr Whale

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Dr Whale is a mysterious character in his own right. We don’t yet know what his Fairytale Land alter ego is. Some think he’s Captain Hook and that the casting of Colin O’Donoghue is just to throw the fans off the scent.

I took these pictures of David Anders filming scenes in Storybrooke on Thursday August 30th, but am only getting around to posting them now.

David Anders

David Anders had already filmed some scenes with Josh Dallas outside of Granny’s Diner during the morning, but in the afternoon he filmed some solo scenes and scenes with Robert Carlyle (Mr. Gold).

David Anders

Dr Whale was seen walking down the street looking a bit worse for wear and carrying a blue cooler box. It’s not clear what was inside the box, but I’m sure it has something to do with his arm. The lid of the blue box was white, and blood could be seen on it. Could it be someones heart? Or, something else?

David Anders

I posted a teaser picture of Dr Whale with his arm covered up to Twitter and people have been commenting that it could be just David Anders putting his coat on. Well, the pictures in the gallery below show that he wasn’t just putting his coat on, but covering up his arm. You can clearly see that he has a “green screen” sleeve on and that the shirt he is wearing has the arm ripped close to the shoulder. Is this how he becomes Captain Hook?

I think it’s doubtful that he is Captain Hook though.

David filmed scenes of him entering Mr. Gold’s Pawnbroker store in Storybrooke looking all sweaty and tired with the cooler over his shoulder. I would love to hear what you think was in the cooler box and who you think Dr Whale is.

David Anders

Season 2 of Once Upon a Time will air on Sunday, September 30th at 7pm on CTV in Canada.

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  1. Ranna156 says:

    I still think he is Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde…although these pics with his arm covered up and him lugging around a cooler do make a strong case that he is missing some body part…although it looks a little big to just be carrying a hand…so you think he somehow loses his whole arm?

    • Ranna156 says:

      I did see somewhere that someone thought he was Dr. Frankenstein…losing an arm certainly makes a case for that er at least for the Frankenstein part…although I think if he is Frankenstein then they will combine him with Dr.Jekyll/Hyde and he will be all three…haha

    • OnceFan says:

      It has to be his whole arm, look through all the pics, the “green sleeve” goes all the way up to his shoulder! PC probably chopped it off, or Red ate it, blood is all over his shirt, so I doubt he is the Scarecrow. Jekyll/Hyde is still my pick!

  2. Whittersnickle says:

    Maybe Red took a bite outta him. ;)

    • SW7_PC7 says:

      I agree, it might have been Ruby or PC. PC decks Whale, so I could see Whales arm being chopped off by PC… I have been saying since mid season 1 I think he is Hyde/Jekyll, which is maybe why he gets Decked by PC (after a few weeks of them filming and looking like they are playing nice) I do not think he is Frankenstein, he was made up of bunch of different body parts, but they weren’t “falling off” or Chopped off…Hmmm…hurry up Sept 30th! :-)

  3. LZClotho says:

    What if he is the Scarecrow and the curse breaking means he’s turning back into straw? The Scarecrow wanted a brain (but was already smart) which could be the connection to why he was Storybrooke’s doctor. The other possibility is Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde IMHO and since we know the OUAT writers aren’t limiting themselves soley to fairytales or children’s folk tales, might be a good possibility.

  4. Thomas says:

    I believe he’s the Scarecrow.

  5. Inkblood says:

    His arm is in the cooler, but i don’t think it has anything to do with his identity. The arm(however it was lost) happened after they are in storybrooke(i’m assuming; he had two arms before, relatively whole:D)so it has nothing to do with who he is. However, I do like the whole Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde idea.

  6. lizkey says:

    The speculation is not that he is Frankenstein’s Monster…but rather, Dr.(Victor)Frankenstein, creator of Frankenstein’s Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein and here is why.

    Clues: I think the best clue is in the Singlebrooke Dating Service video where Dr. Whale describes himself as good at MAKING friends (emphasis mine).

    What does he want in a woman? He doesn’t want stuck-ups or prudes, every lady will get a dinner at Granny’s, a single carnation (def. the color of human flesh – root word flesh), a visit to my condo where I will play the very best of Sting (Sting appeared as “Charles” Frankenstein in 1985’s The Bride), and the sparks will fly (electricity that brings creatures to life).

    Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein were directed by James WHALE.

    Dr. Whale wears white when he is a doctor, black when he was with Mary Margaret (checking out Ruby) and when he was trying to pick up Ruby under the streetlight.

    Inflated sense of self

    Classic “God complex” (classic could refer to classic literature)(Dr. Frankenstein played God and brought things to life)

    Frames himself as victor in all conflicts (frame def. – To build by putting together the structural parts of; construct/The structure of a human or animal body; physique)(victor – victor Frankenstein)(conflicts – 1. A state of open, often prolonged fighting; a battle or war.)

    Feels persecuted and misunderstood – paranoid


    Who is this man?

    Perhaps the ogres are the monsters that he created.

    • Ranna156 says:

      Those are some pretty awesome clues lizkey! Although I think some strong clues could also be made for Jekyll/Hyde and also adding in the Frankenstein monster…

      Dr. Jekyll – was a doctor who some might also say he kind of had a God complex…playing out his dark side in Hyde and manipulating people/situations.

      The duality of his character that we have seen.

      The whale part of his name could be a reference to Monstro (Monster maybe?)

      Inflated sense of self and frames himself in all conflicts – could also point to Jekyll/Hyde.

      The wearing of white/black – light/dark – good/bad?

      Well I certainly can’t wait to find out who he is…I am sticking with Jekyll/Hyde for now with a strong tendency to think they will incorporate either Dr. Frankenstein or Frankenstein or both into the mix and he will be a triple or quadruple character…

    • Anon says:

      Totally agree with the Victor Frankenstein theory.

      Adding that his episode is suppose to be the Halloween episode.

      Perhaps the twist is that he’s both Dr. Frankenstein and the monster…

  7. EnnairaSkywalker says:

    I thought he was Peter Pan, maybe he’s Hook.

  8. Edna N Ramirez says:

    I really appreciate this post. I?

  9. Maria says:

    I think it’s hook.

  10. Blue says:

    those are great

  11. Honu says:

    I thought he was peter pan because of all of the theories out there which led me to a super farfetched theory:
    Dr. whale is hook and the character playing Capt. Hook is actually peter pan.
    I know super farfetched right? lol

    I also really like the Dr. Frankenstein idea.

    • Sarah says:

      Another theory out there as to why Colin O’Donoghue’s character is actually Peter, has been speculation about whether ABC has been able to capitalize from Colin’s ears which have a point. So do Walt Disney’s Peter Pan’s ears. I hope this is where the story goes, because I think 1: It’d please fans who want Colin to keep an active role for the show and 2: It’d just be absolutely cool to see what they could do with a story line like that. I think it’d be fascinating!

  12. Carol says:

    I think he might be Don Juan.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I vote Captain Ahab, from Moby Dick.

  14. evilregal86 says:

    Maybe he really is Peter Pan and he was the one who stole the hook from Mr Gold’s shop, so Captain Hook could not get it.

  15. Sarah says:

    If he’s Hook, that would be the coolest thing this show has ever done!!!! Talk about surprising us all! That would be the ultimate magician behind a pencil there!

    • Sarah says:

      That said, I do miss Colin O’Donoghue. I look forward to hearing more information about him from Vancity. It feels like there’s been a big whole in the world of Once Upon A Time for a long time, now…:o(

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