Unbroken: Werris Creek filming

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We’re very lucky here at VCF to have friends all over the world. One of those friends is Tyler James. Tyler lives in Australia where Angelia Jolie is currently filming her movie, Unbroken.

Unbroken is a chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II.

Rather than me recounting Tyler’s story of his visit to the set, I’ll let him do it himself.

I first arrived at the set on Early Thursday morning. The small town of Werris Creek had been transformed to look like America in the late 1920’s. Unfortunately the entire street was blocked off roughly 600 meters away so it was impossible to see anything. I was told that I was not allowed to get any closer so I ended up going elsewhere for the day. Upon my way back through that night, I noticed that people were walking past the road blocks so I stopped and asked if we were allowed to go closer. To my delight, I was allowed. They set up barricades right next to the set allowing us to watch. However unfortunately for me I got there right as they were doing their final take. There were old cars driving down the street past the pub (which was transformed into a movie theater). Miners were walking on the grass in the background. This lasted for roughly 20 seconds – then they called cut and packed up so I hardly saw anything. I had heard that earlier in the day they filmed a scene with a young Louis Zamperini stealing fruit from outside the grocery store.


Filming then moved away until Monday. I arrived at roughly 7:30am. The crew were over at the railway station. An old train had been bought in for this scene, however it was very hard to see what was going on as everything was happening on the opposite side of the station. Screens had also been put up. I found a location which I could slightly see through (although all I could see were extras). I was told that this scene is one of the final scenes in the film. Louis had returned home from the war. There were crowds there greeting him. From where I was standing I could hear loud cheers at the start of the day. Then the extras were told to wave their hands, signs, etc. Everything went quiet after that as everything was filmed out of view. After roughly 3 hours of waiting, they filmed some shots of the train departing the station. Extras were inside waving out the windows.


Once the train station scene was filmed, the crew moved up to some houses at another location. I had a good view here however my camera battery was virtually dead so I never took much photos. It appeared that promotional photos were being taken as the cast were standing on the stairs in front of the doorway while a professional photographer took snaps. Different cast members kept popping in and out. Angelina Jolie even joined the cast in the photos at one stage.


Once the photos were done, filming began once again. This time an olden camera was set up. The Zamperini family stood outside the house while the father stood behind the camera to take the photo. He pushed the button then ran up to join the family. This was shot roughly 10 times before Angelina seemed happy with it and set up for another scene. Roses were cut off the bushes to make it seem like a different season.

A police officer marched up the set dragging a Young Louis beside him. He marched up the steps and took him to his parents door. They also did this scene quite a few times.

Once all this was done, the crew disappeared inside the houses so I called it a day and went home. That was supposed to be their last day of filming.

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