Web Series: Fools for Hire

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Fools for Hire began in the minds of Nick Harrison and Mike Cavers who over the years had endured and survived a multitude of bizarre, embarrassing and hilarious adventures doing corporate entertainment gigs.

They began filming behind-the-scenes footage before and after some of these gigs and started talking about one day turning it into something more.

I was contacted by Neil Every through Twitter recently wanting to know why we didn’t have a Web Series section on the website. That was a fair enough question to ask but, I didn’t have an answer for him. There was no reason whatsoever why we didn’t. I’m glad to say I’ve corrected that now.

Fools for Hire is the first post in our new Web Series section, so thanks to Neil for bringing it to my attention.

Here’s a trailer for season two of their Web Series

Of course, you can find a lot more information about the series and the first season by visiting the Fools for Hire website

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